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Cottbus zoo, Spreeauenpark and library open once more.

Pridané: Tuesday, 20. October 2020, od

The new rules allow for curbing the coronavirus in Brandenburg it many different facilities to re-open to the public. In Cottbus, the City and Regional Library, the zoo, the Spreeauenpark and Cottbus service announced within the coming days below specific circumstances to be back for guests. The libraries of the BTU Cottbus on central campus in Cottbus Sachsendorf and in Senftenberg reopen.

City and Regional Library Cottbus.The Urban and Regional Library Mastering CENTER Cottbus, Berliner Straße 13/14, can from Friday, what is academic writing 24 April, shall be visited for any fast media exchange once more. The library data courses around the 3 public rental days are occupied. Services for instance reading café, laptop or computer workstations or events and guided tours can not be offered until additional notice. Particular measures offer for the reduction of your danger of infection in the corona crisis: There is certainly Mundschutzplicht, input and output have been separated. A maximum of 20 guests are permitted to keep in the property at the same time, it can be the distance control. Children up to the age of 14 are permitted to enter only if accompanied by a parent or guardian’s house. Accessibility is assured. An elevator use is possible on request. The library brief pay a visit to can be scheduled through standard opening occasions: Fri 10-19 pm, Saturday 10 to 14 pm and Tue – Thu ten to 18 AM. During this time, the service phone 0355 38060-24 is busy. On Saturday, Could 2nd, the property remains closed.

Tierpark Cottbus.The zoo in Cottbus, will open on Wednesday, 22.04.2020 primarily based on the present containment regulation Corona pandemic once again. Here, there is going to be restrictions. is open from 09:00 to 19:00.Director Dr. Jens Kämmerling: “We are pleased that we are able to reopen. Having said that, the animal homes remain as closed as the zoo college along with the playground. There also can be no public feedings or feedings by visitors. “Limiting the number of visitors just isn’t at the moment provided. Within the park a variety of references are applied for the hygiene requirements and guidelines of behavior, so to 1.50 meter distance. At the entrance there shall be a fast passage for holders of annual and similar cards. The waiting region in front of your cash register is provided with distance markers. Snack bar presents devoid of staying there around the restaurants terrace and in the kiosk at the children’s zoo.The zoo is house inside the parkland amongst the Spree, Branitz Park and Spreeauenpark about 1,200 animals in 170 unique species and genera.

University Library in Cottbus and Senftenberg.As of 22/04/2020, access to printed media within the university library is probable again. It is possible to on weekdays (Monday – Friday) in between the hours of 9 – enter 15:00 in Senftenberg and Sachsendorf in compliance using the hygiene and protective measures (amongst others wearing a mouthguard) the library – 17 h in the central web page in Cottbus and 9 get rid of media in the magazine to order media from the stock and at the automatic to borrow media (return box) return media from on the list of other UB areas at the service counter deliver and pick up (soon readily available) to work with the copying technology.Orders of media we also by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To show JavaScript should be turned on! contrary.

Spreeauenpark Cottbus Cottbus service.”We are delighted with the Cottbus Service within the Stadthalle along with the Spreeauenpark to become in a position to be from 22 April again for our guests there and very much hope that this may quickly come about steadily and in compliance with all guidelines of hygiene for our other houses’ wishes Daniela Kerzel, CEO of CMT Cottbus GmbH. “Nevertheless, we appeal to spend focus to every single detail within the use of Cottbus Service as well as the check out towards the Spreeauenpark on the crucial distance from other folks as well as the CMT staff to themselves and other individuals unnecessarily at threat. Compliance together with the rules of hygiene should really be clear to every person. “So the inlet into the Cottbus service will consistently be exactly the same only for two. The employees from the Cottbus Service standing subsequent to the individual get in touch with additional by phone at 0355/75 420 for information on events and tourist facilities available.City Archives Cottbus.The Cottbus town archives opens on Thursday, 23. four. 2020 again. Even so, a use is doable only by appointment. The number of users who’re cared for simultaneously is limited. We ask to publish d eibeigefügte press release in their media.

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